Critical and Discussion - Open Seminar and Talk

Media Arts and Design


Interview with Uthit Atimana

Gu Club | Britgit Fonda | Mario Taletsorni | Satiko rojaresoha

23.04.2012 - 24.06.2012 | 20:00 pm | minimal Gallery

In progess our social structure paparel the idea of post-modernism becomes a form of individuallism life concept. Capitalism and value of Neo-Pop culture turn to be a charector of young (open-end) generation such as alte mative music extreme sport skin narrative cyber body (avatar) and etc. Tattoo culture used to be representative and symbolic of power control system It's transformed to be a sign of constitution of individual by this path, tattoo draws more identity and gain up potential of skin narative to popularity adverstising. This art project will press thumbnail to individual human skin and complexity embodiment via cyberphere community By sight the world of truth "Where there is love there is suffering" will appear which entended meaning pass through all unity of one-self to end.

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