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“LOOP” is the name of the coming back festival of the students of Media Arts and Design after disappeared for a while. This time we are asking back the possibilities, that we have try again and again ,some results had been succeed and some not, to reconsider again by repeat and improve or maybe presenting the same issue in new way, to realize and start asking question to the system that driven the society about how real, how good, and how beautiful it is before beginning the next loop.


Before bringing back the happiness to Chiang Mai people, we want to ask everyone to think about problems and issues that happens every day, why it’s still continues to hap- pen? The strange odd habits that we are unconcerned about and felt like it is normal. From the shame truth to the acceptable fact in the society. The newspaper that almost come in the same pattern of news every day, The same way of art presenting the same old social issues, which should be over for years ago. But these problems is never out of date because Thai society is stuck with the problem loop that is still no way out and would continues forever. Old issues are still been brought up and still neglect to solve it. The Loop of life, media, concepts, thoughts, law, habits, and everything else that appears in the society are been review again to enforce and move it to a solution. Don’t be at ease yet because the concept that believes that it will be a solution, don’t you think that it would lead us to more problems? From this question bring us to arise the exhibition MADSAGE | LOOP in this year.


LOOP talks about repetition in the social steam that passed us already, to reconsider the event we have missed and have ignored it. The struggle to be free from our cycle would be just a new cycle that bring us back to the first place. Our “Loop” this time will present about everything from A to Z, to repeat in against context or follow those context so, the people could criticize the cultural tradition in different ways of perspective through the form of contemporary media culture exhibition cooperate with equipment and knowledge that is both the concept idea to percept the world and the route to new possibilities. In order to disrupt the old belief that the world has nothing new. Welcome the OCD to the exhibition MADSAGE 2014