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Documenting Heritage Laboratory

Exploring Visual, Sensory Ethnographic Methods for Researching Culture


This lab encourages students to approach their respective research topics ethnographically, using all their senses. Students explore and discuss how these sensory methods can be brought into fruitful dialog with text-based, “truth-driven” modes of research and writing. Conscious of the wider contemporary realities of social, economic and environmental injustices, this lab also encourages students to address the issue of relevance, in terms of how their proposed research might stimulate awareness and transformation among audiences and participants. How can media arts and design interpret, embody and represent culture and heritage in ways that have a transformative social impact?

Documenting Heritage Laboratory project

Gender Myth Through the civil servant uniform of LGBTQ


Insider voice on Yangna road

Transference of Belief into the Trees - The Thanontonyang community in Chiang Mai-Lamphun area

Kad Baan Hor: Muslim – Taste – Yunnan

กาดบ้านฮ่อ: มุสลิม - รส - ยูนนาน


Fanatics of football in Lampang Football Club

Ramayana Untold

The creation of Thai Traditional Literature’s fanfiction which based on gay romance

Across the road