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Otaku lolicon generally refers to a human male who is head over heels in love with girl characters from manga whose average ages are below 16 year-old. Even though this kind of taste is quite  acceptable in the today’s society, these otaku are judged to be psychopath.
The society looks at this group of people as a group of psychopaths who love to have sexual relationship with young girls. This is because these otaku usually talk unmannerly about young girls on the internet or web boards.  How in fact these otaku really are?




The term “Otaku” is used to describe people who obsess or crazy over something in any particular way, especially over Japanese cartoon or manga and anime.  This subculture can be classified divided into several subgroups due to its strong obsession. However, there is one popular subgroup which is not yet accepts from the majority in the society, particularly in Thai society, because of its confronting against Thai moral standard and culture. This subgroup is called Otaku Lolicon.

CHAPTER 01 How deep is obsession.


his craziness begins when reading manga or watching anime from Japan which have been known throughout the nation for decades.  There are several identities of these manga and anime that catch the eyes of the male readers including the new and exotic plot, the beautiful line figure, and the outstanding characters. The young girl characters are definitely the main factor  of this kind of obsession as one favourite character might lead someone to be so passionate over other characters Factors which promote these characters to be very outstanding are the roles in the story and, the most important, the look of the adorable innocent young girl with short figure and flat breast. Nevertheless, some otaku might crazy over young girl with breast that bigger than that of other in her age. Despite those factors, the most significant thing that separate this kind of otaku out from others is that the passionate over 2D manga or anime.  The society normally  thinks that these otaku are kind of people who like young girls and would want to have sexual intercourse with them.  However, the real otaku lolicon are not interest in real 



After getting carried away by any young cute girl characters in manga, otaku will do everything he can to satisfy his obsession, for instance, by reading or watching those manga countless times until every single detail appeared on manga is memorized in his mind, seeking for group ofpeople with the same interest, or drawing those characters.  Drawing make them feel like confessingtheir love to their beloved characters.  For otaku, drawing also gives them the feeling of the beingof those characters which in fact not even exist in the real world. Apart from that, these people will as well buy and collect everything about those cute little girls such as the figures, posters,games’ wallpapers, the laptop’s painting, mouse pads, handkerchiefs, towels,bolsters, novels, book marks, wallets, T-shirts, key chains, etc.  Yet, not every otaku can effort those expensive manga collections.  They end up meeting and talkingothers otaku and drawing their favorite characters.Hence, there are many fanart created by these otaku. 
Many people are curiousabout how come otakulolicon really fall for mangacharacters this much since their feeling is similar to the love of men towards real women.  Otaku really want to take good care of their beloved characters and cannot stay calm if someone says something bad about those imaginary girls.  It is obvious that lewdness might be involvedas these people are male. They sometimes want to see their girls in sexy costumes, play some game that a little bit lewd, or watch some pornographic anime.  Nonetheless, the feeling of having sex for them is only in their imaginations.  Therefore,the one who interest in using sex dolls for his masturbation is not considered to be one of the otaku lolicon.  At the sametime otaku lolicon also opposed that kind of action as they cherish their girls so much.

CHAPTER 03 Conclusion

Although otaku are like other ordinary guys who want to have someone to share their interest, most of them isolate themselves from other people in the society. This is because the majority is not understood and accepts the idea of otaku. Otaku are always considered as perverts even though all they are crazy about is characters in manga or anime. When it is come to talking, otaku are ordinary people. Many of them are very intelligent and good at studying while some are very creative. They are only normal people with different kind of interest.Without bias, these otaku are very normal just like those who interest in automobiles or cameras. The problem is that their passionover the young cute girls from manga actually leads to the misjudgement of the society. As their love and passion towards those imaginary girls are hard to be measured or understand, they are put in the place of the psychopath or child molester. Thus, many celebrities also have this kind of interest but no one seems to bother about it. However, people usually lay the blame on otaku when it comes to the case of child abuse or child molestation. This term sooner becomes the famous excuse among criminals and paedophilia, people who have sexual interest in prepubescent children. Hence, the society usually misunderstands the real meaning of otaku.


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