Be Good


Geerati Gusawadee | MY LAB PROJECTS | Master Programme | 2013

The experimental art project to find out what is the meaning of "Good" spend the time for 5 days to chain myself to the concrete cube, the concrete cube represent to the goodness to remind me all the time when i living to think about what "Good" is, i hope after 5 days i will get to close to the meaning of "Good" by sociel context around me. 


Good man? What does the Good man mean? Thai society implamt its people to well behave in Thai society and a good man. How socity judge people whether which is good of bad? And what is standard of being a good man? Then, how we can compare between Good and Bad? If you do this way is means whether it is a good man or bad, we prove frome all experience as the way of meeting, seeing, wearing, saying and behaving although nowadays some have beeen breaking rules and traditional.

CHAPTER 01 My 96 hours with my \"Goodness\"

CHAPTER 02 96 hours with my \"Goodness\"


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