Graphic Design - Digital Photo

Khomsun Chaiwong | MY ACADEMICS PROJECTS | Master Programme | 2013

Marginal digital printing exhibition has been arranged for more marginal people understanding and give them a chance to voice, even some positions of their careers is illegal or un-morality. Actually, if people re-think and backward to see more, all “product” we really refuse, they have been made from our society though intend or by accident. Producing this exhibition is what we believe that this the way can cure the problem to make things more right even just sparking the point of this problem and keep going to find out the solution. Exhibition has been installed in downtown area, CMU ART CENTER and 3 kings monument with 3 wheels bikes ; the sign to strongly represent right away the marginal people and organize them on the floor, this is the way to mirror marginal positioning and put the marginal issue into the majority area for realize more about being marginal people and see them in neutral ways


Among our lively society we’ve lived even rural or urban space, it was established from different career and different role. Each group drives the society to move forward that followed their abilities, meantime, They mirror the way society run. The majority communities obviously create the thing called “standard” in direct and indirect way. The state authorizes our standard to preserves profit for niche people or we can say their foe really. The most space of society has been being in hands of mid-class and above people by the physical and mental principle. Nevertheless, the marginal people who hide and being hidden by purpose, but they are still a part of our society. They should reach the public resource as they could have, theoretically, “the marginal people” the word they receive by un-need who been divided them from main stream people and push them to the cliff. They refused career like trash keeper, prostitute, labor or disable people have been looked down and pointed them out to be marginal people. They don’t have their own space, lack of any opportunities, cannot stretch to resource and the education that is the most important. Meanwhile, they are still able to be one part of our social development that state has to think about social brand image, administration and economy. By the public condition of majority people, we can see their problem and their important of marginal people, we know the way to instruct their idea and their “voice” including principle presentation is trying to understand the “lost people” , when they cannot support majority people’s utilities, so, it might be the main reason to push them away, more apart and barely create their own community to concentrate in the way we live and how they run their life, it may help to develop our society to the right way for equality and agreement.


created by Z Axis IT Solution