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Geerati Gusawadee | MY ACADEMICS PROJECTS | Master Programme | 2013


Here we will look at issues of children in shelters in their thoughts and feelings. Every child needs to wake up at five every day to do daily activities and work assignments are appropriate for their age and the age of the person before you go to school within a school of government on weekday. There are many duty such as flush toilets, garbage collection, washing in the older children is to be responsible for younger children to achieve an orderly in a shelter Which has the responsibility of each child to me. From the responsibility of each child referred to the fact that they are instilled with a public responsibility to children in shelters that are common in adults than children, and the idea. responsible But that does not mean that children in shelters that would love to work on assignments with a child, everyone wants to play with friends not to come to work early every day, but circumstances force it so they can not avoid it.


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