Information Design

Chiang Mai Trip

Hathaiporn Pattarasettagarn | MY ACADEMICS PROJECTS | Master Programme | 2014




The world we live in has been replaced with a representative of simulated reality. Moreover we always keep on seeking for the new other things, the representation of the real world we have created the visual map to mimic the complex structure of our world to be something easier. As it design to be, the symbolic interactions in the map are related to the any tiny landmarks of the exiting places that how the surrealist and hyperrealism can be explained. World in side the world, the images have been replaced, the work of semiotic create the form to symbolic interactions that refers to the transcription and entry to the objectives actual in the world of meaning that appeared in the form of signs. People use symbolic exchange we are looking to the brand not the function itself. This connotation of the fashion brand also one of the hyper realistic meaning that may represent the wealth of the carrier, luxury, and displayed instead of the rich bastard of the carrier than what these products is made for. World we live in is blended with hyperrealists that’s not easy to distinctive what is real or what is more real.

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